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WTF with DevOps Candidates nowadays? Posted by Dubinko 3h. ago

It's downright crazy the state of DevOps hiring lately at least for our company.

It seems like every other candidate we interviewed is nothing more than a hobbyist tinkerer, they're not Devs, they're not Ops experts, they're dilettantes who stumbled into DevOps because it's the hot term and somehow got in during 2020-2022 market craze

Asked bunch of them the difference between application and network load balancers it was like speaking a foreign language. And SSL termination and how ingress controller works might as well be rocket science to this crowd. Okay you are not Ops expert, maybe Dev.. but then asking a simple FizzBuzz trips them like I'd asked them to calculate the trajectory for a Mars landing.

We ended up hiring a guy cuz we could get anyone decent.. Comedy Gold: He kept trying to pull container image for days and complained that something is broken until we told him that its not possible to pull Images from Private container repos without a Key. Just look into k8s logs, they also tell you that you need a damn secret.

And sure, a formal CS education isn't a must-have, but would it kill these folks to do some reading? although most of them have AWS/k8s certs.

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